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Baby Tooth Box NecklacePleasant and colorful necklace baby tooth box to save the precious baby tooth..
Cups, 5oz Drinking Cups (case of 1000)5 oz. plastic cups designed with ribbed sides for a slip-..
Curved Tip Irrigation Syringe - 10cc (box of 50)Disposable dental irrigation syringe with ..
Dental Bib Clips - Plastic Coil Chain (box of 20)Elastic (plastic) coil Clip chain is versatile, and..
Dental Bib Clips - Plastic, Disposable (box of 20)Each box contains a variety of brightly-colored di..
Dental Bib Clips - Metallic Ball Chain (box of 20)Dental bib clips with metal ball chains and spring..
Dental Carrying Cases - For Patients (case of 288)Dental carrying cases are great for storing t..
Dental Irrigation Syringe - Luer Lock, 10cc (box of 100)Non-sterile, disposable dental irrigati..
Denture Box with Tray - 12 pcs/boxKeeps retainer / Mouth Guard / Denture features safe and clean, an..
Denture Box with Tray - 4 pcs/boxKeeps retainer / Mouth Guard / Denture features safe and clean, and..
Denture/Retainer Boxes - Pastel Colors (box of 12)Denture/retainer boxes are made of tough, lig..
Designer Toothbrushes (box of 72)Our Designer Tooth Brushes are beautifully designed with ..
Disposable Dental Mirrors (box of 50)Disposable dental mirrors with thick, sturdy plastic handl..
Disposable paper bib holders eliminate any need to sterilize. Lightweight, elasticized fiber do..
$8.99 $7.99
Disposable Toothbrushes (Box of 72)Packed with assorted colorsExtra large brush head with 38 tuftsWh..
Impression Syringe - Disposable, Bendable Tips (bag of 50)Impression syringe constructed of stu..
Mixing Bowls (box of 3)Mixing bowls made of heavy, flexible plastic.Can be washed and reused.Ea..
Mixing Pads (box of 20 pads)Disposable mixing pads in two different sizes for smaller mixi..
 Mixing Well Spatulas (box of 100)Strong plastic disposable mixing spatula for quick ..
Mixing Wells (box of 200)Disposable mixing wells for preparation of smaller amounts of mix..
Mouth Guard, Denture Box - 12 pcs/boxKeeps retainer / Mouth Guard / Denture features safe and clean,..
Mouth Props - Various Sizes (box of 48)Disposable mouth props are molded with traditional ridged bit..
Needle Re-Capper (box of 5)Plastic needle re-capper safely removes needle from syringe to prevent ac..
Patient Bib Dispenser - Collapsible Cardboard individually wrappDisposable, collapsible cardboard de..
Patient Bibs - Napkins Tissue/Poly 2-ply (case of 500)Patient Bibs made of soft, highly absorbe..
 Plastic Prophy Ring - 100 pcs per bagPlastic Prophy Rings, fits comfortably on finders for con..
 Prophy Angles - Medium-Soft (box of 100)Disposable prophy angles have medium soft cups.High to..
Prophy Paste Cups - Mint, Raspberry Pina Colada Flavor (box of 200)Clean & Shine Prophy cups wit..
Prophy Paste in Jars - 6 ozProphy Paste in Jars6 oz per jar.Available Grit / Flavor: ..
Retainer Box - 12 pieces per boxDenture Box - Assorted Colors 3" x 2-1/2" x 2" deep. High-impac..
Saliva Ejector Traps (Bag of 72)Disposable saliva ejector screens are a clean, convenient ..
Saliva Ejectors - Bendable, Disposable (bag of 100)Saliva ejectors made of smooth, highly flexi..
Stainless Steel Prophy Ring - AutoclavableProphy Paste Ring Available in 2 types: fully autocla..
Wooden Tongue Depressor - Natural Birch (box of 500)Non-sterile wooden tongue depressor made of..
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Air Water Syringe Tip Covers (box of 100)
Air Water Syringe Tip Covers (box of 100)Designed to fit virtually all air/water syringes. Easily sl..
Disposable Plastic Aprons - Lightweight PE Mat (case of 1,000)
Disposable Plastic Aprons - Lightweight PE Mat (case of 1,000)Disposable plastic aprons can be ..
X-Ray Coin Envelopes - Paper (box of 500)
X-Ray Coin Envelopes - Paper (box of 500)Heavy duty woven x-ray coin envelopes.Safely protects ..
T-Style Light Handle Sleeves - 6" x 3" (box of 500)
T-Style Light Handle Sleeves - 6" x 3" (box of 500)Easy to slip on disposable sleeves provide protec..
Barrier Film - 4" x 6" Sheets (roll of 1,200)
Barrier Film - 4" x 6" Sheets (roll of 1,200)
Barrier Film - 4" x 6" Sheets (roll of 1,200)Apply barrier film to almost any surface with..
Sand Timer - 1 Minute (box of 25)
Sand Timer - 1 Minute (box of 25)Accurate 1 minute sand timer helps guide tooth brushing e..


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