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Report finds disposable bib holders eliminate risk of bacterial transmission

11/25/2015 0 By: Dental Tribune America Times Read: 1148

Research has also shown that even bib chains that are disinfected between patients may still retain bacteria 40 to 70 percent of the time

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8 Things Your Mouth Reveals About Your Health

11/24/2015 0 By: Emma Haak Times Read: 1363

What your dentist is seeing: Or in this case, smelling. You've got funky breath.

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Single-use disposables in the operatory can enhance infection control

10/21/2015 0 By: Marie Fluent, DDS. Times Read: 2038

As dental teams review infection-control protocol and strive for compliance within their practices, one component of infection control often remains overlooked: the use of single-use disposable items. The prudent use of single-use disposable items eliminates many sources of cross contamination, while making infection-control applications of clinical personnel more efficient and safe.

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