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Air Water Syringe (box of 1 syringe and 2 syringe tips)Constructed from smooth brushed metal, our&nb..
Air Water Syringe Sleeves - Pre-cut Opening (box of 500)Air water syringe sleeves are made of s..
Air Water Syringe Tip Covers (box of 100)Designed to fit virtually all air/water syringes. Easily sl..
Air Water Syringe Tips - Assorted Colors (box of 250)Disposable Air-Water Syringe Tips, Clear with a..
Air Water Syringe Tips - Plastic (box of 200)Disposable air water syringe tips constructed..
Air Water Syringe Tips - Plastic with Metal Core (box of 200)Disposable dual-channel air/water ..
 This soft, absorbent 2-ply alcohol (isoproply) pads is made of premium non-woven material and ..
Applicator Brushes (box of 5 handles and 100 tips)Each box contains 5 applicator brush han..
Bendable Applicator Brushes - 4" (box of 100)The handles of these disposable, one-piece applica..
Bendable Applicator Brushes - 5-1/2" (box of 144)The handles of these disposable, one-piece applicat..
Bendable Applicator Brushes - 5-3/4" (box of 100)The handles of these disposable, one-piece app..
Bur Block - Plastic, 20 Hole (box of 6)Our 20 hole bur block is constructed of sturdy, aut..
Bur Block - Plastic, 24 Hole (box of 2)Bur block holds up to 24 burs for sterilization.Made of ..
Bur Block - Plastic, 60 Hole (box of 2)Plastic bur block with durable autoclavable base an..
Bur Holder - Stainless Steel Mesh (box of 1)Place burs in these autoclavable bur holders f..
Cheek Retractor - Double Span (box of 2)Cheek retractor made of durable clear plastic for incre..
Cheek Retractor - With Handle (box of 2)Cheek retractor with handle made of durable, clear plas..
Cotton Roll - Durable Cotton (box of 2,000)Dental cotton roll completely formed from smooth, ex..
Cotton Roll Dispenser - Clear, Acrylic (box of 1)Cotton roll dispensers are see-through and off..
Cotton Tipped Applicator - 3" or 6" Wood Shaft (box of 1,000)Non-sterile cotton tipped applicator wi..
Curved Tip Irrigation Syringe - 10cc (box of 50)Disposable dental irrigation syringe with ..
Dappen Dish - Solid Glass (box of 12)Dappen dish made of solid heat-resistant glass.Thick, heav..
Dappen Dishes - Non-Reactive, Plastic (box of 200)Disposable dappen dishes widen at the base fo..
Dental Bib Clips - Plastic Coil Chain (box of 20)Elastic (plastic) coil Clip chain is versatile, and..
Dental Bib Clips - Plastic, Disposable (box of 20)Each box contains a variety of brightly-colored di..
Dental Bib Clips - Metallic Ball Chain (box of 20)Dental bib clips with metal ball chains and spring..
Dental Chair Covers - Full Length, 48" x 56" (box of 150)These dental chair covers are lon..
Dental Chair Covers - Half Length (box of 225)Half length dental chair covers are sized to..
Dental Headrest Covers - Clear Poly (box of 250)Our dental headrest covers are made of dur..
Dental Headrest Covers - Tissue/Poly (box of 500)These dental headrest covers are made of ..
Dental Irrigation Syringe - Luer Lock, 10cc (box of 100)Non-sterile, disposable dental irrigati..
Dental Spatula (box of 12)Dental spatula made of resilient blue plastic that will not damage mi..
Dental Tray Covers - Size B, 8-1/4" x 12-1/4" (box of 1,000)Dental tray covers are made of thic..
Dental Tray Sleeves - Size B, 11" x 14" (box of 500)Dental tray sleeves eliminate contamination..
Denture Box with Tray - 12 pcs/boxKeeps retainer / Mouth Guard / Denture features safe and clean, an..
Denture Box with Tray - 4 pcs/boxKeeps retainer / Mouth Guard / Denture features safe and clean, and..
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Articulating Paper - Strips 0.004 mil - Blue Color
Articulating Paper - Strips 0.004 mil - Blue ColorArticulating paper for pinpoint marking of hi..
X-Ray Coin Envelopes - Clear Plastic (box of 250)
X-Ray Coin Envelopes - Clear Plastic (box of 250)
X-Ray Coin Envelopes - Clear Plastic (box of 250)See-through coin envelopes are excellent for s..
Disposable Toothbrushes (Box of 72)
$8.99 $7.99
Disposable Toothbrushes (Box of 72)Packed with assorted colorsExtra large brush head with 38 tuftsWh..
Low Speed Handpiece Sleeves - 1.5" x 8" (box of 500)
Low Speed Hand-piece Sleeves - 1.5" x 8" (box of 500)Disposable sleeves to provide protection agains..
Disposable Evacuation Trap - 2 1/8 Diam. (Box of 144 pcs)
Disposable Evacuation Trap - 2 1/8 Diam. (Box of 144 pcs)Disposable evacuation traps measure 2 ..
Autoclave Sterilization Pouches | 12" x 18" (100 pcs per box)
Autoclave Sterilization Pouches | 12" x 18" (100 pcs per box)
Self Seal Sterilization Pouches | 12" x 18 (100 pcs per box)Our next generation self seal and see th..


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